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  1. Thanks for your reply. I respect that you and other folks like the tag method and would not use a product that does not support them. As for myself and the way that I work I agree with one of the earliest posts in this thread that tags are for taxonomy and not organization. A folder structure is a better way to organize (again, in my opinion). As for why I use Evernote if I need a folder structure, that is a very good question. On the positive side, there are many great features to Evernote that make life easier for me. Among them are the web clipper and the great editing capability. There are certainly others. On the negative side, I end up using Evernote for some things that fit its model but have to depend upon other tools that include a folder structure for a larger portion of my work. If Evernote had a hierarchical folder structure I would gladly abandon the use of the other tools and consolidate everything therein. As a matter of record, where I am able to use a folder structure it does not take me any time at all to locate what I am looking for. I have worked this way for many years and know how to use such a structure to my advantage. Also, I did indeed try earnestly to use tags for a while in Evernote. I became overwhelmed by the number of items that showed up with a certain tag. I then had to add tags upon tags to simulate a hierarchy to fit may way of thinking and organizing. This became too much effort for me, so that is why I said that "I am not willing to take the time to tag every item entered". I admire the fact that some folks are very proficient with that model, but I am 65 years old and am one of those dogs that cannot seem to learn new tricks very easily. Again, thanks for your response. Hope to interact with you again.
  2. It is disappointing that the request for nesting notebooks has not been implemented after such a long period of time with so many requests. I appreciate the comments concerning the use of tags, etc., but there are many of us who would prefer to have nested notebooks nonetheless. People have different means of organizing and managing their work and the absence of this feature sets limitations for those of us who have long used folder structures as a foundational element of our practice. As I am not willing to take the time to tag every item entered I have either had to create voluminous numbers of folders or limit my use of EVERNOTE. Neither of these makes me more productive. Please consider this long-standing request for a valuable improvement to EVERNOTE. Thanks.
  3. I was having this same problem. I changed the default font in Tools > Option > Note and it did not immediately change for me. I restarted the Evernote application and it still did not change. Then I noticed the small Evenote icon in the notification area of the taskbar. After I did a right-click on the icon and selected Quit Evernote, I launched the application again and the default font was changed. Hope this helps.
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