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  1. Well hey, would you look at that. Someone from Evernote finally replied after 10 months. @dianadiehl1 I fixed the issue by switching to OneNote last summer. Editing checkboxes works perfectly now
  2. I'm running at present. The issue persists, even when I follow your recommendation.
  3. I have a table which has checkboxes in it. I can edit the cells just fine on the Windows client, but when I try on my Android device, I get the padlock icon with the accompanying message, "This element cannot be edited with this editor." I've seen some posts several years old describing this same problem, but I haven't found a solution. Is there a fix for this yet?
  4. So in using Evernote on my tablet (Android 4.2.1) and PC (Windows 7), there's one feature missing that I would love to see. After (or during) inserting a handwritten note (from my tablet), it would be nice to be able to resize it and freely move it. When it comes to resizing, I write large on my tablet so my letters don't "smudge," but I don't want to see a huge word appear in my notes. It would be great if you could write something and then, either from the editor or from within the note, shrink or enlarge it to an appropriate size. This feature is missing in both the Android and PC versions. As for freely moving the handwriting, I'd like to be able to move it around the page. If I need something on the right margin, I want to be able to move it there. Also I've noticed that you can't realistically type next to the handwritten image because it only allows one line next to it. Having the ability to freely move the image (as a separate "layer," so to speak) would allow multiple lines of text next to an image. Just my two cents.
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