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  1. Reported this already during the beta and now again as it's still there in the final version. Searching on different platforms shows different results. Ex. I search for a single word on my Android version and it shows 30 notes. Doing the same search on my ipad also results in 30 notes, so I'm pretty sure that's correct. BUT...searching on the Mac version only shows up 1 single note! Bit more information: 29 of these notes are pdf-files in which this single word is found, only 1 note is a pure text-note. So seems that pdf-searching in the mac version is not correctly working.
  2. Indeed it looks like pdf searching is not working as it should. Did some test by using the same search on my mac, ipad and android. My mac shows 0 notes, my ipad 29 notes and my android the same 29 notes.
  3. Same issue pops up again during automatic update (previous version from 5 to 6 didn't have it), error extracting archive. Running Beta 6 at the moment. Manual update worked fine. And looks like searching in pdf's is indeed fixed, well at least the quick test I did with it.
  4. I only noticed this when the cursor is still placed in the title of a note and then I click in the search field, at that moment I can not type anything in the search field, just select from the drop down. Clicking somewhere else in a note or on the note list and then back to the search field makes typing available again. So as long as the last cursor position was not the title of a note, typing in the search field works fine for me.
  5. Exactly same issue here, also trying to auto-update from beta 1. Solved: Manualy update works fine (if you don't forget to quit the Evernote helper first)
  6. I have the exact same issue. Don't know why evernote wants to connect to a network volume as all notes are kept in the cloud or locally on my mac. When my personal NAS is not connected it takes minutes before I'm able to use Evernote. Using exact same versions: OS X 10.9.2 and Evernote 5.5.1 (402628 Direct)
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