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  1. Hi Folks, I've got a very simple question. The discussion of premium mode says that Free Evernote is useless when offline - if I'm in airplane mode, or my cell phone provider has hiccups, or I don't want to pay data roaming fees - no Evernote for me. But the guide for new users of Android in discussing syncing strongly implies Evernote for Android is usable offline. I'm looking for a replacement for Note Everything, which worked fine on my Droid II, but declines to sync my data to my new Nexus V. I'm very nervous about data "in the cloud," and requiring that my network connection be up in order to access my data is sufficient to cross Evernote off my list of adequate replacements. So I'm just looking for a straight answer - would I have to pay an ongoing rent to have access to my data when Evernote's site is down, or my ISP is down, or I'm travelling, etc. etc. ? Here are the relevant excerpts: ---http://evernote.com/premium/--- Offline notebooksAccess your notes fast whenever you need them on your mobile device, even without a network connection. Great for travel. ---http://evernote.com/evernote/guide/android/#4--- Automatic SyncBy default, your Evernote account is automatically synced across all of your devices once per hour whenever Evernote is running. Changing Sync Frequency To change how often your account automatically syncs, do the following: Tap the Evernote icon to open the Home Screen Tap the Profile icon Tap Settings Under App Settings, tap Sync Notes Tap Sync Automatically Select how often you want to automatically sync your Evernote account. You may also disable automatic syncingEnable WiFi Only Syncing Users with limited data usage for their mobile device may want to sync only when their device is connected to a WiFi network. To enable syncing over WiFi only, do the following: On the Home Screen, tap the Profile icon Tap Settings Under App Settings, tap Sync Notes Tap Wi-Fi sync only
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