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  1. I have ended up switching across to bamboo paper. Works great and will export into evernote, although I now wonder about evernote ingeneral
  2. Oh, you have made my day so unhappy. It just updated automatically and I can't do anything I used to Please bring back the pages and the thumbnails. I used to have books with similar topics in them and I would just use the thumbnail view to find the section and then add more pages where I needed them. Now everything is one big mess and I don't even have the option to move stuff out into a new book. Basically all of my notes are now completely useless to me. Please bring back the zoom or slow down your new feature - I am not sure anybody can write that much Bring back pages - I moved to evernote and penultimate to tidy up my life. I now have 'virtual' scraps of paper lying around. I would have loved to have kept the old books and even been able to stack them into similar topics. Please, please, please allow us a way to get our books bAck they were, or I might as well start all over in a new app. I paid to be a premium member because I loved the integration, this is probably going to drive me else where.
  3. I have just started to use evernote and penultimate. I have to say I think I am missing some key features which may not make this work - Ability to mark-up pdf's - tried to do it in skitch, but I want to be able to handwrite over them, and highlight. I had been using notes plus and this was great to be able to do this, but that will not work with evernote. Ability to zoom in and write - as in most of the other note taking apps - notes plus, note shelf etc. Hopefully some of these can be added or I may have to go back to the drawing board.......
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