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  1. What you guys say here is a bit like Apple saying, no, you cannot have music album covers - there is no need for it, you can search for your music just by typing in the search field. ?!??!! People here seem not understanding that there ARE people who have DIFFERENT way of working, and they do need to have an overview of notebooks. What is wrong with that?! What is wrong with at least giving it as an option, and if you don't want it, you stick to your brown square, that's fine, too. ----------- Someone says "cannot think" of any use where you need a reason for notebook covers. Well. Here is one, and I can give you another 100 examples. Imagine an elementary school teacher, who has let's say 2 classes each with 23 students. In many countries, there is only one person teaching all subjects up until age 9 - and only then they have separate teachers for each subject. So that is really a lot to manage for one person: 20-40 students, elementary math, art, language etc.. Let's say, this teacher then wants to follow the progress of each student in each subject for 2 years. He/She wants to save all their tests, drawings etc. for later, easier annual review with parents etc. So each student = one main notebook each subject = one sub notebook. This teacher also has let's say a small weekend freelance business, household to manage, bills, car maintenance and holiday plans and other areas of interests. That's a lot of notebooks. We are already at 40-50 notebooks. Wouldn't it be SO MUCH easier if he/she just looks at the notebook covers and straight away you know where is "Tom's" files, and where are holiday plans? I still insist, it is EXACTLY the same as music album covers. No music album cover = struggle to find your music. Human mind identifies shapes / pictures hundreds times faster than going through text OR you need to remember you tagging etc. The fact that some people may have 3-5 notebooks doesn't mean others have the same way of managing works. I think it is a really big mistake not giving people the option to put a picture on their notebooks, you simple cannot manage larger database. Just give make it at least as an option That's all many-many people ask for.
  2. No worries, I understand I did it as I LOVED Evernote, and I actually want it back into my workflow and I don't want to use something else, but slowly I am drifting away. So I hoped that it WILL be noticed if it is actually a standalone thread. Please, if you do agree with this idea "music cover = notebook cover = desktop icons = functionality" than forward to management the thoughts so it is noticed. Just let them know how they would feel about a music player which has identical album covers. Thanks!
  3. Developers! Imagine your computer's desktop for a second. Imagine that ALL 30-40 icons on your desktop are the same, let's say a 40 brown squares. Hmm.. This is exactly how users perceive the notebook's view now. Impossible to find anything without going through them one-by-one, you just see 40 identical "brown" squares. Human mind recognises shapes / colours min. 100 times faster than written words. You look at 40 shapes and you instantly know that the one with a "house" is the "house" folder. However, reading through the 40 grey icons is insane. Icons have been implemented 20 years ago exactly for this reason, very sad that in 2014 a company doesn't realise this. --------------- The other issue is the "shuffling" effect. It happens both the list and cover notebook view when you open a notebook to see all the "sub notebooks". It just rearranges the entire screen in a very tiring effect, after a while I just don't know anymore what is on my screen. Please look at Apple's iTunes "Album" view You click on an Album (the same way as you click on a notebook cover) to discover the list of song names. Look at how non distractive the effect is, it just pushes very gently the screen down, in ONE direction, instead of the insane shuffling method that evernote does. Please be open and learn their approach as I know for sure that they did invest great amount of time to investigate how users perceive these effects, what works and what doesn't. You "shuffling" method is raw, and confusing. ---------------- By the way, talking about iTunes: imagine if all your music albums would have the same cover.... so treat it like this: NOTEBOOK COVER = MUSIC ALBUM COVER = DESKTOP ICONS --------------- I need to be honest here. Evernote WAS my every day app, but since the extremely distracting list and cover view was introduced for the notebook view, I use Evernote less and less SIMPLY BECAUSE OF THESE TWO ISSUES. It makes impossible / very distracting to manage large number of notebooks. Yes, you can manage 3 notebooks, but when you make a research, manage your company, household etc. you end up easily with 20-30. I have noticed that recently I started looking around to find a substitute. And it is silly, as otherwise the app is great, it could be simply the best - but these two things are very big mistakes, and not just little "hickups". I hope you manage to solve these. Thank you!
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