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  1. I agree that the pop-ups about new updates is annoying. It is not that the updates are annoying, you have made a great software and you are doing a great job constantly improving it! Unlike it seems to happen sometimes from what I gather skimming over the headlines in the forums I never got a problem after an update. In principle I also like, that you inform me about new features, bugfixes etc. ... and I usually like them thats why I want evernote to check for new updates. But what I don't like is how the update process is, because it is very disruptive. I mean in 99% of all cases when I start Evernote, I do it because I quickly want to take a note now. Often I am in the middle of something and want it quickly out of my head to be able to fully concentrate on something else.., Reading the information, clicking through the update dialog (eventhough it is pretty simple) and worst of all restarting the application which all means just waiting time while I am balancing multiple things in my head already ... it is just annoying in that situation.... So, instead of popup windows, less intrusive bars in the program and I don't want to make restart now, the update should be just applied next time I start the program (than again a bar should tell me that it was updated, with a link to the release notes). Such less intrusive update mechanisms have been employed by programs which have a frequent update cycle (like for example chrome) and at least for me they improve the user experience. In anyways, thanks for making a great program!
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