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  1. The rewards of using Tags from the beginning are great. The cost of not using tags may turn out to be great. There is little cost to using Tags from the beginning. I have been using Tags since day one. And to be honest, I kinda figured it was "what I was supposed to do". It has been so engrained in me that i can not imagine not using them. I am now over 2000 notes, and about 40 SPECIFIC tags. I guess what i a saying, is if you are new to EN, may i suggest learn to use tags. Even if it is simple one word like mom, dad, work, girlfriend, family, church..etc. your use of tags will increase over time. I also believe that set your tags either singular or plural. Not both. Books vs Book etc. Heck, i even have a tag called scottl, because i enjoy reading his responses on the forums. Ya'll have a nice weekend...
  2. i bought mine through Evernote. I quit using it. $80.00 bucks down the drain. Stops, turns off, writing is horrible, palm rat does seem to want to play nice. Case thrown away (my mistake), so I can't return for refund.
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