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  1. That is a good idea Rgrenader. I didn't even know you could build templates. Thanks for the tip.
  2. They are currently in paper form (some in cookbooks, some on index size recipe cards, etc.). There is a separate app. It's called Evernote Food. Two things have happened since I made my original post. First, I started to put my recipes in Everynote by using a normal note. I created a Notebook called recipes and then created a new note for every recipe. I used some of the formating tools like numbering ect and it works well enough. There isn't anything like a dedicated spot for cooking temperature or cooking time like there is on most recipe cards. Second, I just now looked to check in the app store about that app because I couldn't remember what it was called and I briefly skimmed through the description and aparantly it DOES show up in the desktop version of Evernote somehow. It specifically says that recipes added in the app will automatically show up on all other devices running Evernote but I don't know if that means you can also add recipes from the PC. I'll let you guys know when I have time to take a look at it.
  3. I started off by trying to see how to put recipes in my Evernote which I use on 2 PCs and an Android mobile device. I have numerous recipes and I was confident that there would be a plug-in, template or something for Evernote (because they have ways to store everything right?) for me to use. Well my search proved to be much more difficult then I expected. As it turns out, there is no way. What I did discover is that there is a separate app that is used for mobile devices but is not available on the PC. Am I missing something here or is there really no way of keeping recipes in the PC Evernote other than simply typing everything out in a regular note?!?!?!?
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