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  1. WOW @drcursor that's fantastic extension. I'm trying to install the extension now but I'm facing an issue. Every time I authorize the extension to access my account, it brings me the same page to Re-authorize again and again!! Also, I wonder does it really need to have permissions to: Create notes, notebooks and tags? Update notes, notebooks and tags?
  2. When I visit any page, I really wish that Evernote Web Clipper show me if I had Evernote content related to this page. Diigo was having this in it's Chrome Extension and since I'm using Evernote more now and hope to abandon other note/bookmark-taking systems within the next period to have one ultimate system for notes and bookmarks, I really wish this feature exist. I know that Evernote Web Clipper had a option to "Show Evernote content related to my web". But this works only after saving the content which will create duplicates if it's already exist. What I'm asking seems to be simply to show the related content before saving. It'll be extra cool to see also related content by all Evernote users, if they make it public or shared of course.
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