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  1. I've been using Evernote 5.9.6 for Windows, for some time now, and it has the ability to resize images. Here is a post about it From that post: " Images can be resized directly inside of your notes. Click an image and drag the handle in the bottom right corner to resize. " Works for me. It's odd that no one on the Evernote team responds to this thread to mention this.
  2. I'm a windows user and this is a critical feature.
  3. I hope it's okay to piggyback on this topic. I use Evernote on my Mac at home and my PC at work. I like it so much I'm shopping for a smartphone--my FIRST smartphone-- so I can take it with me. Which raises the question, iPhone or an Android phone? Setting aside the many possible price and hardware differences for the moment, my questions are: Which mobile OS do you prefer and why?As far as Evernote, is there really a big quality difference between the iOS and Android app? In general, on average, which OS has the better apps? .
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