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  1. Thanks everyone. This is helpful. I guess where I need to help is in finding/replacing a few hundred items. For example: Sample1 replace with Sample SF001 Sample 2 replace with Sample SK1001 Sample 3 with SF010 Sample 4 with SK999 Is there a bulk way to find and replace??? Thanks.
  2. Sounds good except for one fact. I have exported as *.enex files, but I've only been able to "see" them when I import them back. I have no idea how to go about find/replace working in a flat-file document like that. I can ask our IT experts I guess. But this doesn't sound too easy for a novice.
  3. Unfortunately I am PC based. I have text within the body of like I said hundreds (well, nearly 200) notes with attached excel spreadsheets, powerpoints, images, etc. This has turned into my worst nightmare. The current nomenclature should be de-identified enough as even I can't get any information on the samples. I've considered exporting all of those notes to an HTML format and then moving them to a secure location - but there are formatting issues in doing that (yes, I've tried). Thanks.
  4. I have been using Evernote for several years as my notebook in a laboratory setting. I love it. I make it so easy to attach protocols, data files, summary slide decks, etc within a single experiment. I have been under the impression that the "data labels" I've been using were de-identified (since Evernote is not HIPPA compliant). However, there appears to be a lack of consensus where I work. To simplify matters, I would like to do a find / replace in my hundreds of experiments to add another level of de-identification. The thought of doing this manually seems extremely time dra
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