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  1. WARNING: I just found that Evernote seems to have a bug where if you clear the reminder it doesn't remove the reminderOrder or reminderDoneTime attributes. So my search above will fail if you accidentally check, then clear, a reminder. I also realized the "Reminders" search and shortcut isn't necessary - just click on "Notes" and use its reminders list. Even simpler! - D
  2. I like that! Right now I'm using Evernote just for my personal organization, but soon I'll be trying to apply it to work. Great ideas.
  3. I am a relatively new user so I searched the forums for how to effectively maintain to-do lists in Evernote. I found lots of suggestions that seemed cumbersome or partially complete. I wanted to be able to quickly view everything I have to do today and one click to complete tasks with no fuss. This is what I came up with. ONE TIME SETUP 1. Create a "Todo" notebook This is your notebook of all to-do notes - future, current, and even completed. This is different than other to-do apps but I finally wrapped my head around this thought: keeping a history of what has been done and when it was finished is better. 2. Create a "Backlog" search and add it to your Shortcuts This is your list of your backlog to-do notes. Any note from the "Todo" notebook you haven't set a reminder on or completed is displayed using this search: notebook:todo -reminderOrder:* WARNING: Evernote has a bug where clearing a reminder does NOT remove the reminderOrder attribute. So if you add a reminder then remove it, then it will not show up in the backlog. I've reported the bug and am looking for workarounds. Any ideas? 3. Create a "Reminders" search and add it to your Shortcuts This is your list of items you need to work on today. Any note from any notebook that has a reminder but has not been completed is displayed using this search: reminderOrder:* -reminderDoneTime:* This shows future reminders too. I unchecked the setting for "Show upcoming Reminders" to focus on just today. NOTE: This wasn't ever needed, just use the Notes reminder list. Even simpler. DAILY PROCESS File new notes in "Todo" and set reminders only for items that need a specific date/time completion. Once a day click "Backlog" and set reminders on notes you need to work on today. Use the "Notes" reminders list and simply check notes as completed when done. That's it! Let me know if you have any ideas that could make this better. Please share, I know I wished I'd found this information sooner but it was fun figuring out how to make Evernote work for me. Thanks. - D
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