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  1. I've found the best stylus is one of those $5 ones with the rubbery tip. Here is the best test for any stylus. Go to a PenUltimate page and slowly draw a straight line diagonally from lower-left to upper-right and see how smooth the line is. I tried this with Adonit and Cregle Ink and a cheap stylus and the latter was the best. So, save your money and go with the cheapy. It is the most accurate and best value. And tell all your friends, too.
  2. I see the same thing. When I use my finger, it seems pretty smooth and fluid. There are two modes for writing in Penultimate: coarse mode and fine mode. The fine mode is also called 'drift' mode where you pinch zoom to where you want to write then the touch screen 'pixels' or points have more resolution. This allows the stylus to write finer. Still, it tends to miss 'guess' as the stylus tip gets close to the surface and lay down somewhere where the tip isn't. But as I continue to write, it catches up. Bottom line, until Adonit fixes the oddities how the two interpret, I guess we eat the $$$
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