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  1. Hello TLDR: Can you please update the Annotate app to include another tool which returns touch control back to windows functions like scroll and pinch to zoom? I have a Surface Pro type device (HP Spectre X2) and I love the annotation feature for my research note taking. I used to do a lot of annotation on my Android tablet and found the interface to be great. To my surprise, the interface on the Windows based annotation tool does not have the same interface as the Android app and seems to rely on users having a scrollwheel mouse to navigate a PDF document. It does not have the navigation tool (the 4way arrow button) that allows for touch input to move about the document. So let me give you a scenario: I want to use the device as a tablet without keyboard, touchpad and no external mouse. I Want to be able to display the document in a "Fit width" zoom level so I can comfortably read the text. Now when I use the pen or my fingers on the screen, I only have the option of drawing something (whatever tool is currently selected). There is no panning tool, and no support for three finger touch pan or the like within the Annotate app. As I write this now (on the same device), I find I can scroll the webpage using just a single finger and pinch to zoom the screen. Windows definitely recognises this input, but the Annotate app hijacks all touch to be a mouse input control. Can you please update the Annotate app to include another tool which returns touch control back to windows functions like scroll and pinch to zoom? Thank you
  2. Hi, I am using a Nexus 7 (2013) version and I am having a lot of problems with this new feature - to the point where I am frustrated with its uselessness. My primary issue is that on the tablet, being a larger screen, I rest my palm and that's when it all goes to hell. The app does not detect ANY scribbles from stylus or finger if my palm has made contact. Rather I get a horrible mess of stuff under my hand. The other half of the time as I write, my palm and hand move around to the point where I hit the soft-buttons on the bottom of the screen such as home, back and menu/alt+tab. And then Evernote closes on me. I have tried using an Adonit Jot mini stylus as well as as a cheapo thicker end stylus both with same results. And my finger. If I do not place my palm on the tablet, everything works, but unreadable because who writes without stabilising their hand on the page/tablet? So what gives - everyone else is overjoyed with this feature, but it is useless for me. Looking for constructive suggestions please - please do not suggest I don't rest my palm on the screen... I am also not interested in taking notes on my phone in a meeting. What are other peoples experiences with this on a tablet??
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