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  1. Thanks for the infor Gazumped and Scott. I had sent an email directly to Gavin at Postach.io about a week ago and had not heard from him. I appreciate your followup.
  2. Watched a video about your platform on DottoTech this afternoon and have been researching Postach.io. I like what I see, but have a couple of questions. Other than my password protecting my notebooks or notes in Evernote (other than the one Postach.io adds) what keeps my information private from your developers (in my EN account) and other employees? I have seen listings for blogs that are simply .com and others that are .postach.io - is the difference premium vs. free? I have just started a blog on a Weebly hosted site - will Postach.io interface with this site and domain (I own)? If so, will the free version permit this, is it the "custom" option I saw on the video or is it premium service? Am I limited to the stock templates on Postach.io or can I import my own (not necessary if you interface with Weebly)?Thanks for the help.
  3. I think my earlier note trunkated. Try http://compress.smallpdf.com to "shrink" your pdf and resave into EN. - Doug
  4. Hi cavgirl, You might try compressing the PDF (outside of EN) and resaving after you make the annotations. Try
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