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  1. Me too. I opened Evernote on my iPhone yesterday after not having used it on that device for quite a while. I didn't even change anything, just viewed one note. Now, today, I open Evernote on my desktop which I use, and sync, everyday and realized at least one of my notes is very old and I didn't even open this note on my iPhone. Who knows what other notes have also been affected. It used to be that I would get sync errors and had to manual resolve them. Now, it just overwrites my data. Horrible!
  2. This might be helpful to some people. With the recently updated Evernote (I'm currently using version 6.12.1 on macOS), if you mouse over to the upper right corner of the cell, a button with a down caret will appear, open this menu and you should see a "Match Note Width" option.
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