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  1. I open evernote I tap new note I tap "+" next to the camera I tap "pièce jointe" (paperclip in french) I can choose between : images, audio, video, fichier
  2. I've tried, but even after reinstalling Evernote, I don't have the handwriting option when I Click on the paperclip...
  3. I tried what you said to have the Handwriting tool but it didn't work. I still can't have it, even after uninstall and reinstall the App...
  4. Hi, I don't see the pen icon either on my mobile. I have the last version of Evernote and I don't understand why it isn't working... My mobile is a SFR one, the Startrail 4, and I have 4.2.2 version of Android. Any Ideas ?
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