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  1. yes, i would like to be able to click on a notebook, and have different default views as well. say, "journal" notebook default to 'list' view. "to-dos" notebook default to 'snippet' view . etc etc. has this feature been implemented yet? thanks!
  2. If you have an existing stack, you should be able to right click on it (or any notebook in that stack), and select "Create notebook in <stack name>...". I think that should do it for you. Thank you Jefito...that did it i wonder how i missed that?
  3. thanks BurgersNFries & jefito i was just trying to use the windows way of making notebooks and folders. what i like most about evenote is the ability to hyperlink local files so i always have a reference of where they are. local and/or dropbox files that are pertinent to projects etc.
  4. What are you trying to do? Your original question was how to create a new stack. Certainly, in the Windows client, either dragging & dropping or right clicking allows you to do this. However, now you're asking about creating a notebook in a new stack. You cannot create a new notebook in a new (translate: non-existent) stack. You can right click a stack & create a new notebook or you can right click a notebook & create a stack. But you cannot create both a notebook & a stack in the same operation. Also, stacks contain notebooks. Notebooks cannot contain stacks. There are no sub-stacks or sub-notebooks. "You can right click a stack & create a new notebook or you can right click a notebook & create a stack" I do not see the option to "create a stack" when i right click a notebook. I am pretty new to evernote, but so far it does not seem very user friendly. if i want to make a stack, i first have to make a folder, then make another folder, combine the two into stack and folder. it would be nice to be able to "create a stack" from scratch.
  5. when i do this in the local desktop version it works. when i do this is the web version, it does not work. anybody understand why?
  6. You have you add file:// in front of the path after you paste it in evernote. It is simply a URL to a file. Move the cursor at the end of the path, click Enter and EV will recognize this string as a clickable URL. For example: file://C:\Windows Thanks Kotya, but this doesnt work. i have come to realize that if i use the desktop version of evernote, i can get the links to work. when i use the web version it does not work. i was trying to avoid having to install more junk on my computer, hence wanting to use the web version only. but even when i use desktop to input hyperlinks, they only work on the desktop version. i am still tweaking this. i want all pertinent files to open when i click them, and i may have to store them in the cloud or something, using a combination of MS skydrive and dropbox. etc. using dropbox, i can get images to open in another browser tab. when using MS skydrive, i can get the wanted MS office file to open when i click the hyperlink. when i use the desktop version, i can get all the hyperlinks that are tied to local files to work properly.
  7. for some reason, the link is not clickable for me when i "copy as path" and paste into note. when i create a shortcut and paste into note, when i click the link it wants to download the file instead of open it. i am using the free version of EN right now...is that why this is not working for me?
  8. when i "copy as path" and paste the link, i can not click on the path to open file. when i create a shortcut as Contlmprovement suggested, i now have a clickable link but instead of opening the file, my computer wants to download it :/ i may implement nro's idea in the future.
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