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  1. I think it asks for the user to sync all notes with their Evernote services. That does mean taking the notes to cloud. Since you do not store your password on your Evernote Desktop. application. So it is asking second time.
  2. @Postah, I have tested it. It is a bug. First I thought of a feature. If you check closely it does not really synchronize after you enter the password twice. You can check the article on that bug here http://vaagai.postach.io/feature-turned-to-be-bug
  3. If you are using Evernote version you have looked that you have to enter password twice while login. The purposes are different. One is for login purpose and other is for synchronization of notes. The real worry is Does it synchronize? No. Precondition Uncheck Stay signed in Steps to reproduce One is at the time of login. The purpose is to login into my account. See the image named "login". next one is after login. The purpose is to synchronize my notes with the Evernote Services. See the image named "sync". But the purpose of the second time inputting password (Synchronization) does not really happening. How do you know it does not really synchronize? I created a note with some content on it and signed out without Synchronization. Refer image named "Options" If you check my option my Evernote does not synchronize while exiting. I logged in back and input the password for Synchronization request. First thing, I did not see any notification. But I did not enable sync notification and went to My Evernote web page to see if the newly created available. It does not.
  4. @Postah, I do not think it is a bug to get fixed. It seems more like security feature. It is asking the user the permission to get synchronize (save the notes). If you wish you can go ahead and sync by entering the password and clicking OK button. Otherwise you can cancel the password requesting dialog box by clicking cancel button. It is same like when you work with a word document on Windows. When you are about opening new document while working on a dcument it will request you to save the changes for your current document before you proceed with new one. I hope it helps.
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