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  1. I completely agree. GoodNotes has an excellent method for this -- the pacing seems just right. I am often torn, splitting my note-taking between the two programs. I only resort to Penultimate for the text OCR, but better drift would probably change that.
  2. I absolutely agree. My primary feature request for Penultimate is a slider to adjust drift speed. I use a Pencil stylus on an iPad Air, and find that the drift in Penultimate, while great, is just too eager. It is the #1 reason why my writing is ever illegible.
  3. I use the Pencil stylus from 53; the walnut one with the magnet. I also tried the Adonit Evernote Jot Script stylus at the same time, and I used both with the iPad Air. I could never get over the clicking from the Adnoit Jot Script stylus. One of my first attempts was during a teleconference, and my colleagues on the other end of the call were asking what the clicking sound was. It was great to have a small tip, but just too loud on the glass -- it is disruptive in meetings, and doesn't seem to add significant accuracy. In my opinion, even the Jot Pro (with the plastic disc) wasn't as loud. The Pencil has worked really well for me. It doesn't appear to connect directly to Penultimate (it shouldn't -- it's only designed to link to Paper), but I find that it's very accurate. I use it in Penultimate with iOS's multitasking gestures off (unfortunately -- a real loss), and I never have palm marks. (I also try to avoid how much I rest my palm on the screen.) I also use it with other apps like GoodNotes and Papers, for annotating and highlighting pdfs, with equal success. The feel of the walnut Pencil stylus is really nice -- certainly different than slender pen-like styli, but I got used to it. The look of the stylus is really fantastic, and the magnet is the killer feature - it will stick quite well to my iPad Air, with or without a smart cover (I use the Miniot wood cover). It won't stay attached, say, in a jostling laptop bag, but it will stay attached when on a table or during a meeting. It won't roll off a table, and often sticks to tables with metal internal beams! Plus, it's relatively flat/thin, so its profile fits well with the iPad when stored in a sleeve. My primary complaints in using it aren't really Pencil's fault: (1) there is still a very slight lag in screen capture of the marks, and (2) Penultimate's drift often just moves too fast. But my writing is more often negatively affected by #2 than #1. Of the three styli that I've tried and mentioned above, it has definitely become my favorite. I originally bought an iPad Air, and Penultimate, when I heard about the Jot Script and the promise of accurate input recognition, but I quickly chose to stay with the Pencil.
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