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  1. Yes, only on the computer that has the 4.6 version. I'll consider it, but it's been a week since I submitted one for another problem, so I'm not getting my hopes up at this point for another request. I'm kind of surprised by how long it's taking. I was just hoping this might be a common or easy problem that people had heard of, but I guess not. So since I found the note, I'm just going to chalk it up to some bug and hope it doesn't repeat itself. And I don't really want to upgrade right now on the machine I use for classes, as 1) I'm worried something else might get messed up soon before finals and 2) I like the UI of 4 much better than 5, which looks all bulbous and cloudy in a kind of Comic Sans way instead of sleek and straightforward. Thanks for taking the time to try to solve this puzzle.
  2. Maybe I'm misunderstanding, but I don't think the note is in the trash folder. I don't see it on either computer when I look in the trash. On one computer it's sitting in the correct original notebook. On the other computer it doesn't show up anywhere (including the trash folder) unless I do a search with a long enough string that only that note comes up in the results. And it shows the original notebook up in the "notebook" area of the note. I guess for now I'll maybe just copy the text over into a new note, and then delete the old note on one computer and let the other weird hidden note just exist as a duplicate on the other computer. But it's strange and makes me a bit hesitant, as I'm trusting a lot of info with Evernote.
  3. I've been using Evernote for class notes, and today I noticed that the last day's note was not showing up. I'm using Evernote, but I have a version of Evernote 5 on another computer, so I took a look there, and the note showed up. I went back to the first computer and did a search for some of the text, and it still didn't show up. I looked in the trash and in the conflicting notes folder, but nothing. But then I did a search for a longer string that would only exist in that note, and it suddenly appeared as an "untitled" note, although when I opened the note the title appeared at the very top of the screen (not in the title bar though, where it just said to click to set title.). The note also has no date and won't let me add one. I'm just going to copy the text into a new note, but I'm weirded out by this and hoping other notes aren't being hidden/lost this way. Does anyone know what's going on here?
  4. Ah, thanks. I hadn't thought about the different versions. The working laptop does have a newer version -- the UI has changed to look more "Mac-like" to me, with some other changes like suggested relevant notes. Is there a way to step back to a previous version?
  5. So I had made a number of changes to notes in one of my Evernote notebooks, when a few minutes later my laptop died. It appears to be the motherboard, so I should be able to get my files from the hard drive. It looks like a number of the changes did not autosync, so I'm wondering if I can just grab the username.exb file from the dead laptop and copy it to another Evernote-endowed laptop (overwriting the file of the same name)? I had tried syncing Evernote on the working laptop, but I don't believe I've made any changes to the notes since the changes on the dead laptop. Is it that easy, or will I run into some kind of sync problems or other problems? Should I replace the whole Evernote folder instead? Or do I need to uninstall Evernote from the working computer and reinstall a blank Evernote first? Thanks for the advice. I don't want to lose my changes, but I also don't want to mess everything up.
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