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  1. I'm trying to add quick task and note creation pop-up shortcuts for Todoist, 1 Sec Note, and Evernote to the Quickbar of Action Launcher. You can see the new Todoist icon for its shortcut in the blue bar at the top of the screenshot below. The icons to the right of it are the substitutes for 1 Sec Note and Evernote that I had to select because those two apps don't declare their own icons for this sort of thing, while Todoist does. I'd like to be able to replace that weird two-drawer file cabinet–looking icon with the official Evernote icon. The developer of Action Launcher, Chris Lacy, has an API that you can use to do this. It looks like you only need to add a line or two of code to support a key feature of one of the most popular launchers on Android (see second image below). I would really appreciate it if Evernote's Android team could implement support for this.
  2. I generally like the redesign, but there are some old features missing in the beta and one feature I hate. I hate the new share icon adopted from Apple/iOS. To me, it suggests uploading a file or a window pop-out. Please give users the option of switching to the generic share icon used by Google/Android and others — or just adopt it as the default. Missing features that need to be restored (some of which staff have already said will be): a way to cancel/discard a newly created note without having to save it first then delete itstacks in the notebook selection dropdown menu in the note editortag hierarchy in the sidebara button for linking textshare by emailsaved searchesremindersThere also needs to be an always present, easy way to get back to the main home view with the expanded sidebar that you start off in when you sign in. Once I leave it, I don't see any way to get back.
  3. I'm a premium subscriber and I very much want this feature, particularly for the list widget. I've increasingly moved toward minimalist home screens on my Android devices, with a few home screens and widgets, and with the widgets either semi-transparent or 100% transparent. I want to see more of my wallpaper. Ideally, we would be able to choose the background color and text color of the widget with full color pickers and the opacity/transparency with a slider, similar to the way the Business Tasks widget works. A second-best solution would be to offer some alternative preset styles, including: light semi-transparent, dark semi-transparent, and fully transparent background styles. I attached an example of how I've been setting up my home screens recently. At the top are the DashClock Widget and fully transparent Business Tasks widget. The current wallpaper is supplied by Muzei Live Wallpaper.
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