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  1. I tested it. I made a note on my Galaxy note tablet and tried editing it on my HTC phone. I got a message reminding me to be in editing mode. Somewhere you should see a pen and paper icon that is the icon to edit any part of that note. It is confusing because it looks similar to the icon to create a new handwritten note. Once I clicked on the edit icon, I could then click on a handwritten note, and edit the handwriting. Be sure both devices have the latest version of Evernote. If none of that works, I'd contact Evernote support because it might be a bug. They've been very helpful.
  2. The s-pen only works on certain devices. The tablet has to have the sensors to accept the pen. Evernote has already created a stylus that works on all devices. I don't know if it is as precise as the s-pen, but it appears to be significantly better than an ordinary stylus. I don't own one of Evernote's styluss because my device has an s-pen. If you are interested, here is the link: https://www.evernote.com/market/feature/stylus?sku=STYL001001&utm_source=PLATFORM_EN_WINDOWS_DESKTOP&utm_medium=in_app&csrfBusterToken=b10d6dff
  3. I agree. Those of us with an s-pen also need to have the option to write without our hand messing up our writing. It seems when the s-pen is hovering over the screen, it ignores the hand just fine, but it would still be much easier to ignore the hand entirely. You can also get s-pens with an eraser side. It would be nice if that worked too. If this part of Evernote worked as well as Samsung's s-note app, I would use nothing but evernote. For me, it would become the ultimate note-taking app.
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