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  1. I do have wireless on my compute and it is working flawlessly. So what I'm not understanding is why it's giving me the error that it cannot connect to the server. My internet is definitely working. That isn't the issue.
  2. Will it work then if I log out of Evernote on my phone? Will what work? Your phone won't have Evernote running, and you said that you never use broadband, so Evernote on your computer won't connect either.. ? Sorry I might be misunderstanding. You're saying I can't be logged into both at once? Evernote on my phone has always worked. It's evernote on my computer that doesn't work. I don't use Broadband, my computer doesn't even have a jack for it. (Just FYI, Evernote tells me that I only have three posts left until the 12th...)
  3. I was having trouble syncing my phone with my Windows 7 computer. I uninstalled Evernote and reinstalled on my computer. Now I'm getting this error. "Can't Connect to Server, Please Try Again Later". The thing is, I have a great internet connection. I just restarted my router just in case and I'm still getting that message. Just logging in with my email and standard password I use for everything. It keeps trying to connect me to Broadband, which I never use. Please help.
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