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  1. Thank you for your responsiveness to your customers concerns. And thank you for bringing pages back. The new interface is still inferior to the old, but it's better than nothing. Sadly, other things are are still broken, making the app MUCH less usable than the previous version: 1) Notes previously taken in landscape do not display correctly.2) Previous notes are in "fatter" ink, making them very difficult to read3) Two-finger scroll is hit-and-miss for whether it actually works. I much preferred the ability to :flip: though pages like a real notebook. The toilet-paper roll model just honestly sucks and needs to go. 4) Zoom and drift is still less responsive than before the 6 update. And I much prefer the previous version of the zoom without the panel. 5) Stylus accuracy is still MUCH worse than before 6 update. There are huge lag and skip issues, as well as issues with "ink" placement being way off. Everything I try to write is almost completely illegible!6) Eraser is too big.7) What has happened to sharing? I used to be able to email someone a pdf of a page of a notebook or the whole notebook. Now???8) Sometimes I cannot erase specific marks. Like, part of a word will erase, but part will still be there until I close and reopen the note. I know many of us would like to continue to use penultimate. It WAS a great productivity tool. But, sadly, these issues mean that I have personally had to switch to a different app to meet my daily note-taking needs. The app is just not usable in its current state. It makes me very sad to say that I am now using Notability and will continue to do so for as long as it continues to be vastly superior to the "new" Penultimate. To be honest, it makes me kind of angry, too, as I am a paying Evernote user primarily because of penultimate. I miss Penultimate very much. It was so good at what it did. I hope you will bring it back, because this new app is just NOT IT.
  2. I really wanted to like this update, and I'm trying. But, there are several things that are seriously broken in this new version: PLEASE bring back Thumbnail Pages. These are CRUCIAL to navigation and organization of large notebooks!Stylus functionality has declined: The "ink" is not showing up where the tip of the stylus is. It's off my a whole line. It's also "choppy" and cuts off mid word or has lag. The two-finger scroll through, while being painfully tedious for scrolling through multi-page documents, just flat-out does not work sometimes. I have to close the whole app and reopen to be able to scroll.Ditto for the zoom. About every third time I go to zoom in on a page, it just does not open the panel at the bottom.For the record, I do not like the new zoom function of the panel at the bottom. The old way was much more efficient and functional.My notebooks that had landscape pages are not completely useless on my ipad.Can no longer erase a whole page at once.I know some of these items are a matter of preference but it sounds like a large number of your client base agree with me on these. Penultimate is the whole reason I am an evernote premium subscriber. Please don't make me have to go find an entirely different product. Please listen to your clients and provide an update to fix these issues soon. Thank you.
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