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  1. I have the iOs and desktop version as well as the iPad one. I'll have to try the reboot. And I suspect it will be along to the delete and reinstall. Very irritating. Thanks for the help.
  2. I am aware that there is no direct connection between the iMac and iPad. That's why I went to the cloud Evernote site to verify the file was there and see if I could find a sync button on the cloud to get it to my iPad. As for a sync button on the iPad. There isn't one on the screen that shows up. When I clicked on the Evernote elephant logo, nothing happened. I'm curious as to why I bothered to pay for three devices when I can't get three devices to upload/download.
  3. When I hit the refresh button on my iMac desktop, it does not load the new note into my 1st gen iPad. The new note does exist on the cloud, but I can't find anyway to force it to download to my iPad. I thought this was supposed to be automatic.
  4. Is the pencil tool available on a 1st gen iPad? Every time I try to use Skitch on my iPad, I can't find a drawing tool. UNLESS I start the drawing on my desktop.
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