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  1. I have the iOs and desktop version as well as the iPad one. I'll have to try the reboot. And I suspect it will be along to the delete and reinstall. Very irritating. Thanks for the help.
  2. I am aware that there is no direct connection between the iMac and iPad. That's why I went to the cloud Evernote site to verify the file was there and see if I could find a sync button on the cloud to get it to my iPad. As for a sync button on the iPad. There isn't one on the screen that shows up. When I clicked on the Evernote elephant logo, nothing happened. I'm curious as to why I bothered to pay for three devices when I can't get three devices to upload/download.
  3. When I hit the refresh button on my iMac desktop, it does not load the new note into my 1st gen iPad. The new note does exist on the cloud, but I can't find anyway to force it to download to my iPad. I thought this was supposed to be automatic.
  4. Is the pencil tool available on a 1st gen iPad? Every time I try to use Skitch on my iPad, I can't find a drawing tool. UNLESS I start the drawing on my desktop.
  5. When I open Skitch, I want to create a new blank page on which I can draw pictures. One site said to use the swipe menu at the bottom of my iPhone screen and select draw. Only there is no swipe screen and no draw to select. The three previous images I drew was strictly luck in opening a blank page.
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