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  1. Yep, think it's a thing for the developers. I now shared the list as a markdown-list into evernote (The app lets me choose different formats to send). On the Android-Evernote links are clickable, on the Desktop they are shown as plain text. Edit: BBCode the same.
  2. The desktop version is and you are right: Typing a simple webadress (www.whatever.com) results in having a hyperlink after return or space. But the list I send from my Smartphone to Evernote is formatted html (<a href="https://play.google.com/...). When I delete the html parts, it also shows as a hyplerlink. But this would be a lot of work, doing so line by line. In my eyes it is an implicitness for today's text- or notes programs. Currently I send my list to Tasks (android app) which syncronizes with my Essentialpim via Google. No need to mention that I would prefer to have it in Evernote
  3. Hi, I think this belongs here, too: On Android, Evernote shows web adresses as clickable hyperlinks. Using the Desktop version, you see them as just text instead. Poor this! Example: On Android I produce my app-list (using the app "List My Apps"). The list has actually 112 lines with each app's name and link to the Play Store. Seriously, if I prefer to use my list on the desktop, am I really expected to highlight each adress and manually turn it into a link? Please! Someone tell me that I just missed a little checkbox, saying: "Show web adresses as hyperlinks" Thanks in advance!
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