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  1. I'm having the same problem. I can only assume Firefox has auto updated as I started up yesterday to find all my commonly used extensions had been disabled/disappeared. I reloaded them to find web clipper no longer shows up in the context menu or in the tool bar on Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit and Firefox 37.01. I 'refreshed' Firefox, which I assume means rebuild the profile from scratch, deleted the web clipper profile file too. Reinstalled all my plugins clean. I run: Disconnect Https everywhere Adblock Plus WOT Clearly Lastpass Collusion
  2. Hi all, I was doing some housecleaning on my Android phone and noticed I had about 300MB of Evernote images. These are images I've snapped in the Evernote application. I'm unclear on the concept of how Evernote stores these images. I'm thinking it should upload them to Evernote and clear them off my cell. Over time, at the rate I'm accumulating images, I'm sure to fill up the SD card though it will take awhile. What's the scoop with how images are handled and stored locally and on the Evernote servers. Thanks. Todd
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