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  1. With respect to #2, if you make a photo note and the sync fails or the note is bungled, you'll be very happy that that image still exists on your phone's storage so you can easily recreate the note! Also, in iOS, you can turn this behaviour OFF so that photos taken in Evernote are NOT saved to the camera roll. Some day that may appear in Android too...? Thank you for your response. Hopefully this option will be available on Android too, but I disagree with the sync problem. If I take a note on Google keep while there is no internet at all, the photo is still saved (I don't know where) and when the internet connection is established it synchronizes it automatically, without messing with my gallery. It'd be easy, I suppose, to just save the photos in an hidden folder.
  2. I'd like to prefer Evernote, but I don't. The pro of Evernote, as the original post says, it's that I have the software on the computer. The cons of Evernote though: 1) it's heavier than Google keep, even the widget on the phone is slower. 2) it saves the photos you take in the gallery, which is a complete non sequitur in my opinion. If I wanted to use a photo for my notes I'd take the photo and then add it into the note, but the way it is configured, every time I have to take the note and then go and delete the photo from the gallery. Pain in the ass 10/10. 3) audio notes are better on Google keep. They start immediately whereas Evernote has a little gap and the aesthetic of the player on Evernote seems to come from the 80s. I say that because I hope to use a better version of Evernote.
  3. Yes, exactly like that. I'll continue to use Google Keep for now then, even though I prefer Evernote for its subsections. Thank you all again.
  4. Thank you for your answers. Honestly it doesn't seem a good reason to me. If I want to be sure to don't lose a photo I take it normally and then use it for a note, not the other way around. Anyway I have Android. Is there a way to do that in Android too?
  5. When I take a photo for a note it immediately saves 2 copies of that photo in the photo roll. Google Keep doesn't do that. Is there a way to remove this thing? Thanks
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