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  1. Scott, many thanks! I'm all set and the shortcut now appears on my start screen. Now, if the Windows Touch version can catch up to the Desktop version I'll be even happier. Have a great one!!
  2. I've been able to create a Windows 8 desktop short cut for a note within Evernote. I've pinned the Evernote icon to the Windows 8 Start screen and can open Evernote from there. Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to do the same for an individual note. When I right click on the short cut it doesn't give me the option I need. Does anyone have a solution that works? Jay
  3. Hi, I just started using Evernote Touch on a Windows 8 desktop PC. Can we create short cuts to place notes on the start menu and desktop. I enjoyed using that feature in the desktop version. Now I can't find a way to place a single note on the menu so I can launch it directly from there.
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