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  1. I can't believe they call this "expected behavior" in any app. Auto-save has been part of iOS for years. It is EXPECTED in iOS that changes in apps of this nature are saved in real time. Save is not the same as "done." The app should be saving in real time like any other app. I do alpha and beta testing for dozens of apps on multiple platforms so I know what "expected behavior" means. So if I am in the middle of typing a note and I quit the app without clicking "done" or closing the note should all of my typing be deleted? No. It is saved in real time. The same should occur for sketches.
  2. I asked support about this (they made a feature request) over a year ago. I made another one 4 weeks ago for the same issue. At this point, unfortunately, I'm done. No other sketching app I have on my iPad Pro discards my work if I don't actively save it. Autosave has been part of iOS for years and especially in a note taking app this is ridiculous. If I'm in a meeting, taking notes, and I stop for 5 minutes to discuss something, I don't expect my notes until that point to be deleted. Obviously Evernote has had a lot of issues lately, both with corporate departures as well as a fair amou
  3. Thanks. It's disappointing something so simple is keeping me from really utilizing the app but it's a feature I use a lot in day to day workflows. I have confirmed in iOS 9 that Notes does checkboxes in the way Evernote used to (select multiple lines, click the checkbox icon and a checkbox is added to each line creating a checklist from a list.) There are a lot of other features I really like about evernote but this has become very limiting for me. I guess I'll try Notes for checklists and Evernote for other things, but I don't like having data in too many apps needlessly. I genuinely hope Ev
  4. I've searched for this but cannot find anyone else talking about it, so starting a new thread. My annoyance was created in early 2014 when Evernote changed the functionality of their checkboxes. I submitted a support ticket in March of 2014, was told it would be passed on to the development team, but obviously nothing in 18 months. Essentially, when I began using Evernote the iOS and Mac versions worked the same in regards to bullets / numbering / check boxes. All three acted the same as far as formatting, in regards to selecting multiple lines, pressing the bullet / number / check box icon
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