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  1. win 7 - Evernote desktop 5.20 (Beta) German Version Hi :-) I´m using extensively the local linking "copy note link" between notes within the Evernote desktop version. 4-6 weeks ago i realized that this function disapears from the right click mouse menue after updating to a new Evernote Beta version. I thought, no big deal... Evernote will add this function with the next update version. But sadly they didn´t. I reinstalled the beta-version and installed the latest final version but no change. The "copy note link" menue still not there :-( This function i absolut necessary for my workflow within Evernote !! I contacted the Evernote support without final result or solving the problem. They just told me that they will take a look on it :-(( Any ideas how to get back this function ?? Is there any shortcut for "copy note link" ? Thanks for help :-) Worner
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