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  1. It's staggering that proper password protection / encryption is not available on a notebook basis. Evernote seems to focus on chucking in endless features which few people seem to use but simply disregarding what most of we paying customers have been requesting for years. The problem seems to be that they know that they don't have any real competition for many of us; OneNote, Zoho, etc. are just not in the same league. Unfortunately, the lack of real competition does Evernote no favours. I don't want to shift but, honestly, if anyone else comes up with a proper alternative with the level of s
  2. This is typical of the behaviour of many tech/software companies. Apple, for one, is notorious for making forcing unwelcome changes on users. For example, when they dumbed-down Pages to the point of uselessness, they aggravated countless business users who then had to purchase alternative software because Apple had decided to "improve" a perfectly good product. However, it has a customer base which has heavily invested in their hardware and so has to be pushed very hard indeed to turn to other providers. Without this security Evernote is skating on thin ice when it messes around with the i
  3. Frankly, this is outrageous. Forcing unwelcome UI changes on paying customers is a fantastic way to lose business. The single-colum list view you imposed without warning completely ruined at a stroke the way many people have come to use Evernote notebooks. Perhaps your devs thought the whole visual paradigm was just embarrassingly old-school and deserved to go but it was far more accessible than the cumbersome replacement, which doesn't allow for all notebook stacks to be viewed on the screen at once. Swift workflow achieved through long-term muscle and visual memory was destroyed without warn
  4. I'm genuinely annoyed about this — Like most serious Evernote users I have found a comfortable, efficient way to utilise it and then discover that the developers have decided to mess around with a major part of he UI. I wonder how they would like it if somebody came into their office in the middle of the night and rearranged their files or tinkered with the things on their desks? Forcing a single-column notebook list is utterly thoughtless, messes with the long-established workflow/muscle memory of users and is the sort of "change for change's sake" which is something of an insult to long-ter
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