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  1. thanks for all the tips. I couldn't find anywhere to log out so I uninstalled then re-installed and was able to log in ! I'm learning to love this windows 8, so much it can do
  2. Hi Gazumped, thanks for replying. I am using the app on windows 8, but havent a touch screen, so I assume that means I am using the desktop version? The only thing it offered was to put in a password but didnt give me the option to put in another username/email
  3. Hi there, first of all let me say that I absolutely LOVE Evernote..... it is awesome!! My problem arose when I accidentally made 2 accounts. I made the second account on my new laptop with windows 8. so i deactivated it through my browser and want to use my first account. But, when I open the app on my windows 8 it tells me " This applications access was revoked via the evernote web service" so how do I login with my original account? many thanks
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