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  1. Bang on, BurgerNfries! THE business decision here is not to do a Linux build - think of the distro and Desktop Manager pain in order to do it. Is it worth also mentioning that ChromeOS has a client for Evernote? Yes that's inflammatory to some but I kind of like the idea of a very skinny linux distro that is shelled as chrome to effectively present the functions of Evernote in the same way as the said browser. Not only that - I am a die-hard Linux user for heavy workstation and and server work, but let's face it - who needs the data locally? How often since 2010 has anyone in this post
  2. Hi Lots of outfits like Evernote provide a lot of the code required for this platform 'as is' it's called Android. If you look at the Likes of LucidChart - designed with Tabs in mind, they have ported an environment to Linux using the same kind of APIs as Chrome OS. I'm not saying that Google provides the answer here, but I'm running Lucid on an UBUNTU desktop quite happily even tho it's a chrome app. Is there any mileage (Evernote) in exploring this idea? For another thing, it would give Evernote excellent support to the desktop distros through a common API. There must be some money
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