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  1. Hi. I'm new to the forum, although I've been using Evernote app for over 5 years now. Just checking this out.

  2. What happens to our notes and files when we're dead? I think Evernote should have a "Will and Testamant" feature. After we die, we can make make our contents available and accessible to the public so that anyone can read them. Or, we can pass it down to a family member, or a friend or another Evernote user. In fact, I think the feature for making it public can be made available even when the person is still alive. Evernote can have a web version where people share their Notes or make them publicly accessible. With a comment feature on the side. A live-chat so that users can interact. It would be like reading people's personal thoughts or a diary, but with their permission. The option to make a note public can be done for every note individually and also for the notebooks. Also, there should be a feature that exports the notes into Word documents so that they can be printed as physical books. Also, upon being given a request to do so, Evernote itself can print a book and deliver it to the owner. Imagine receiving a handsome bound book with all your notes, in the post. It would be lovely to have our names engraved on the cover, too. Apart from being useful features for the users, I think it will also make Evernote the top note making app. If it thinks of it first. What say? I'm now gonna check out Evernote web to see if these features already exist.
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