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  1. I'll just chime in and say that I'd also really like to see better video clipping options in Evernote. I was sort of an Evernote dabbler for many years, but I use it pretty regularly now, and this is a feature that sort of throws a wrench in my ability to consistently use Evernote as my 'go-to' method of organization. I'm a teacher, and I use Evernote to clip all kinds of stuff for use in my classes. I love having the ability to tag resources with the names of whatever units I think I might use it for. I often use YouTube or TED videos in my classroom, and not being able to clip the videos (or at least some kind of screen shot of the video) is frustrating. Not a huge deal, really, but still something that I'd really like to see. I know I can download videos and attach them, but I almost feel like that's requiring me to do something that I'm not technically supposed to do (I feel like if YouTube wanted you to download videos, they'd include that as an option--but currently you have to use other services to download). But anyway, I'll survive. Just wanted to add my support to the idea.
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