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  1. I have submitted many tickets to the Evernote Support team with my activity log, but they take too long to reply.
  2. I have bought additional 5 GB in increments of 1 GB each ! i can do this for an additional 5GB over and above the free premium user 1 GB limit.
  3. I am having a problem with Evernote Syncing. I have to put 20000 Images to Evernote and Usually i would sync it slowly a few images at a time. But then i added another 30000 images to my desktop Mac Evernote client and in the activity log is always shows Reindexing or Downloading or Syncing, but it does not add an images to the evernote server. I cancelled the process a few times hoping the remaining notes simply just get uploaded to the evernote server, but I'm stuck as it won't happen. Is there anything i can do ? So basically My Evernote client on my mac has 57000 images in all. There are about 200 Notebooks ! from the total, 20000 images are synced with the server. How do i get the remaing too sync. I am a premium user and i have 6 GB of Usage upload. My pictures upload is less than 4 Gb so there is no problem with the capacity i am trying to upload. i am attaching the zipped Log file for your reference ! Please help ! Thank you, Cyrus ! Evernote_402474_2014-02-21.txt.zip
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