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  1. Hi All! I've been using EN for over a year and LOVE it! But, I would still consider myself a newbie and not using it to its full potential. I'm big into organizing my files....LOTS of folders and subfolders on my hard drive, so I can easily find anything I need. I also have a pretty good organizational system on EN. But here's my issue: Right now, I scan a document, say my son's medical lab results. I store that .pdf in a folder on my computer's hard drive. Then I attach it to a note in EN so that it is always with me. And, in my quest to now go paperless, I will be scanning additional important documents (like bills) and less important documents (like receipts). The quesion is do I continue to save to my computer and then also put into EN? Do I only have them in EN? I'm afraid to only have them in EN because it may not have the longevity of my local storage....then again, it may have more. And, can I pull them out of EN and save locally for the long haul, saving space in EN (e.g. 2014 receipts would get archived when I close out the 2014 year). I feel like I'm in a dizzy nightmare of where/how to organize all this stuff and I'm double/triple saving files which may or may not be necessary. I've searched the forum and have found a few notes on the same, but am looking for additional guidance from the EN geniuses out there! Thanks so much!
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