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  1. I updated to 6.0.2 last night . . . then to 6.0.3. Things went from glitchy, to more glitchy, to broken 1. I can make changes to existing notes, but the changes aren't saved. 2. I have my sync preference set to manual, when I choose to sync, new notes don't appear, and the syncing never ends. I have to close the app to make it stop. Thankfully the web version allows me to manage my notes. I was using the beta version, but happily switched back, it's much easier on the eyes. I wish the app graphics hadn't changed. ___________________________________________ Premium subscriber (for now), MacBook Pro 17 early 2011, Yosemite 10.10.1
  2. @gazumed & jefito, thanks for the quick attention I couldn't figure out where to make the modification, but I just stumbled upon it! At the bottom of the clipper sidebar on my web browser, I clicked on my username, selected options, and under "tag selection" I unchecked "use smart filling". Thank you!
  3. "Every note I place" as in cut and paste, via Clearly or Clipper, email or import folder? And what's your OS and Evernote client? Mac OS X Mavericks 10.9.2, and I use Safari. I've been saving web articles, using the clipper, into this notebook from the web onto the Evernote app on my computer.
  4. I'm not sure if this request was ever fulfilled, I'm guessing it was because I somehow managed to get a tag assigned to a notebook. Now every note I place into this one notebook is given this tag. The problem is it's not what I wanted, now I can't figure out how to remove it Anyone know how to make this un-happen?
  5. I've added hundreds of recipes to a notebook in the last week, most of the notes deigned to use an acceptable photo to represent themselves, while others, not so much. I have two that decided to use the pictures of raw chicken breasts included in the step by step instructions of the recipe. Very, very, disappointing
  6. No idea what you're saying here. This topic is the thumbnail issue, everyone here is saying they rely on it, you were dismissing their complaints by saying skimming thumbnails was less effective, and they should use alpha numeric names to sort their tags. My point was if that is a solution, then why have thumbnails at all. Then I waxed sarcastic by saying this, Evernote, is at least in part an image inspiration application/program, and we should have more control over what we see in our notes & notebooks.
  7. IMO, using a thumbnail for finding anything other than images is not helpful. I would suggest you use a descriptive title and/or keywords. When I scan or download/save a PDF that is say my Cox cable bill or my Nordstrom card statement, I save it with a descriptive file name. IE Cox YYYYMMDD or Nordstrom YYYYMMDD where YYYYMMDD is the date of the bill (Cox) or the closing date of the statement (credit cards). I put the file in my import folder where Evernote sweeps it in & gives the note title the name of the file. I have over 62,000 notes in my main account & can find the Cox bill from May of 2011 in a matter of seconds by using the following search: intitle:cox 201105* That sure beats skimming through thumbnails. Then why have thumbnails? Oh I know! Because this is an IMAGE INSPIRATION application/program!
  8. I'm just getting started with Evernote, though I've had the app for a year. I'm trying to use it as a way to save the web articles of my Pinterest pins. I do not like the inability to decide which photo represents an individual note, as another poster indicated, it makes no sense for an "image inspiration" app to be so constricted in this way. Is there any possibly this will change and become more user friendly? If not, I may just abandon it now...
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