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  1. I wholeheartedly agree that the new colour scheme is dreadful. Until some reasonable contrast is restored, I will not be recommending Evernote again, and as of now, I'm looking for an alternative. This is ridiculous. Please Evernote, sort this quickly!
  2. Evernote (slightly) changed the functionality for practical reasons and provided backwards compatibility if you hold Ctrl (in Windows) when selecting the link. More information posted by Evernote in the forums... Yes, and existing users are supposed to guess this how??? I've had to waste over an hour of my time in a busy week to 1) track down why the behaviour has changed, and 2) interact with Tech Support to find a workaround for Mac. Like these things couldn't be covered in an Evernote blog post??? For those Evernote sufferers on a Mac like me, the way to get a desktop link on the Mac is a bit different to Windows: "In the Evernote for Windows client, if you select your note(s) and then hold down Ctrl then go up to the menu bar and select Notes >> Copy Note Links then you will always get old behavior." --- the equivalent for Mac is: hold the Option+Control keys while SELECTING THE NOTE, and then right-click and choose the option "**Copy Classic Note Link**". This will create an evernote:/// link Thanks! Evernote - fix this! Please!
  3. Can someone please explain how to achieve the same effect on a Mac? I'm going crackers!
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