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  1. Understood, but having an Evernote note for each contact is a lot of work. Say Evernote had Evernote Contacts and you had an Android Device or BB, Evernote could make a copy of all contacts on your phone or Sync your locally stored contacts to Evernote Contacts in a universal contact format…vCard or whatever. Then, if you switch to an iPhone, you need your contacts from your old android device on your new iPhone…How? You download the Evernote app on your new iPhone, log in and download all your contacts stored on Evernote Contacts to your new iPhone…that's the beauty of Evernote, it is cross platform!
  2. Evernote should consider including Evernote Contacts. That way when one changes to a device w/ a different OS…(IOS,BB10, Android) one can import contacts to device. Since Evernote can be used on all platforms and offline, one will always have ones contacts available no matter what OS or e-mail service that has Contacts capability one uses.
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