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  1. Hey guys, I do understand your concern with the cost. If I may I'd like to explain my decision. I originally wanted to price it higher, but looking at the comments Postach.io received from their community. Its unlikely that anyone will pay more than an Evernote Premium subscription. I respect that. We're building on an amazing platform. Here is why I am asking for a recurring fee: * Number 1 reason I'm a solo startup and would love to actively develop this plugin. * WordPress is GPL In other words open source (which doesn't mean free). What it does mean is that by buying the plugin its yours. Source and all. The plugin you receive you can use indefinitely (without paying a recurring fee). But that means that you receive whichever version you've got. * The License The license is for support and updates. Quite frankly, I am not going to debug versions that are not current. If you want the most current version you will need a license. * The price is low compared to other premium plugins (because of my comment earlier) $2.9 per month is extremely affordable. In fact I can break it down into weeks... 0.67c per week. * It keeps me 100% committed If I was to release this for free or even at a one of low cost I would be likely to drop support and loose interest. The fact that people are actually investing in the plugin means they are investing in me... and that keeps me humble and working hard. * Re Postach.io being free I like Postach.io and am looking forward to seeing what they will be bringing to the table with their premium plans. As for saying that its the "same service" I disagree. Sentinote is for WordPress and is actively being developed to support WordPress features (e.g. categories, post formats, page hierarchies, 3rd party plugin extensions and a few others in the pipeline). Postach.io is for people who would like to start blogging in the next 5 minutes. I can't make that claim and its not my goal. If I am coming across as defensive it is because I am. I believe in my plugin and am absolutely ecstatic that I have people who use it and love it. I am even more excited about those who were there from the beginning who purchased it blindly before I was even ready. It is for all the users that I am making sure that I can support it. Thanks for the well wishes Wordsgood. Thanks for the response. In the interest of full disclosure, I've worked for a commercial CMS software company in the past and have spent many a late night knee deep in LAMP servers cursing PHP and SQL. I've only recently started to use WordPress personally and it took me about 30 minutes to push out my first plugin. Writing and supporting a quality piece of software isn't easy and a programmer should be compensated accordingly. I'm the first one to agree to this. A matter of fact, you will see my first reaction was one of excitement to your product. I struggle with your subscription fee. I don't have any issues with the the subscription concept, provided... You get more than just bug fixes. Bug fixes are mistakes by the developer. Plain and simple. Nobody but the developer should pay for correcting them and keeping their software bug free and relevant. Most developers ask that customers update to the latest paid version to help make that easier. Quite frankly, your comment regarding this is arrogant and not customer focused. Significant additional features are actively being developed. This plugin is pretty straight forward and I'm not exactly sure what additional features you could add on an ongoing basis. If you do have big plans, you may find it a good idea to explain that to potential customers. You are providing bandwidth, server space or processing power somewhere down the line. You are not. That I'm not paying a developer to stay "100% committed" for his own interests. Did you really type that?However, the market is a B%@# and it will bare out your strategy. If I revisit your site in a year or two and you are doing well, I stand corrected. I never hope to see failure for any person or venture, especially the small guy. Good luck.
  2. Wordsgood, I assumed it was a $35 one time fee. I think you are right, especially when Postachi.io is winning the Evernote dev awards and are providing the same service for free.
  3. I've been playing around a bit with Postach.io and love the idea. My concern is that I don't like connecting many apps to my EN account and giving others the ability to peruse my data. If I use this plugin on a self hosted wordpress site, it doesn't rely on any other 3rd party services... correct? My data is only passed from my website and EN.
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