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  1. Update: If I switch from sort by 'Title' to another sort by option and IMMEDIATELY back to sort by 'Title' it fixes the problem.
  2. Evernote for iOS freezes and crashes when I try to open a note from the Notebook Home Screen UNLESS I sort my notes (from the Notes Home Screen) by something other than 'Title'. However, if I do change the sorting order to something other than 'Title' AND THEN switch it back to 'Title', Evernote doesn't freeze and crash when I try to launch a notebook from the Notebook Home Screen. The problem is reporduceable by myself: if I close Evernote (via the multitasking manager) or reboot the iPhone, the problem reoccurs if I have sort by 'Title' selected. The same workaround from above still works. Thanks to Ghalandar for the work around. Version & Hardware info: Evernote iOS 7.0.4 iPhone 5s 64GB 14.2 GB available
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