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  1. I am looking to replace my home office all-in-one printer. I have pretty much settled on the Canon MX922. Everything I read says that it works "wirelessly" with Evernote but I can't find anywhere that specifies that it can scan into Evernote without a computer connection. Can anyone confirm that this all-in-one printer can scan documents directly into my Evernote account without using any type of intervention with my mac/PC? Or can anyone let me know if you use this device? Thanks in advance!
  2. I also would love this feature or any implementation that would give me the ability to select the merge order of multiple notes on the Mac client. This would be huge!
  3. I merged two notes and now my unified note has huge margins that I can not get rid of. Anyone now how to get rid of that?
  4. Thank you, this makes my day! I thought I had done exactly this before and it had taken me to Safari. Has something changed or was I just doing something wrong?
  5. I am working collaborating with another person on a notebook, we are using macs, iPhones, and premium accounts. We are using a few notes as our primary action documents and the creating individual notes for each topic/action item. I would like to be able to link action item on the primary action document to the note for each action item. I know that I can create a workaround that takes me out to the browser and it is extraordinarly cumbersome and it lacks the all in one elegance of Evernote. I would like to request that Evernote build in hyperlinking notes to their applications and by pass the awkward browser integration.
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