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  1. I am using evernote on Samsung S-Note Tablet 10" 2014 edtion, and I take a lot of notes; so I decided to share my notes on a live skype presentation on from PC. When I open my Evernote Windows on my PC (synched with my tablet), my hand-written notes show in .psd file format at a VERY LOW resolution .psd file format. How low is the resolution you might ask?: Think of the files being faxed using a 1978 300 baud dialup modem vs. emailed using a 100 MB high speed internet connection... that's how junky and lowres are the psd file formats, which I was displaying from my evernote Windows/PC application! so, I go online to download an application that opens .psd files, assuming that this will solve the low resolution problem... I find out that .psd is a format used by Adobe to lock pdf files, it's a 3D constructon file format, it's a Harvard Graphics .psd file... so many .psd Windows file converters, but none will open our beloved .psd file generated from Evernote!! clues? help? again, my objective is to show my .psd notes in HIGH RESOLUTION...
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