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  1. You better quote what EN announced about this matter. Before writing my previous post I could not find any where EN said about its plan about EN on Linux. Mr Google said and is still saying that this thread is the most relevant discussion about EN for Linux. I have searched again and found these links: http://blog.evernote.com/blog/2012/05/03/evernote-raises-70-million-financing/ (The last paragrap is quite interesting) https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/23196486 (Updated 2014-2-6, which falls into reponses type 1 and 3 listed in my first post) You can say it is my problem of not being able to find the right information. Nonetheless, it is up to EN to decide if they want to wait for a good bussiness oportunity, even create an oportunity, or never know what they miss. I have spended enought time giving my feedback, and I agree with Cosmoslx post: "I just want to say, no linux client, no pay! This is the only right we can use." If you've noticed, we're just reporting what Evernote have said publicly about their position on a Linux client. That's really all we know, and it appears not to have changed in some time. You can draw your own conclusions. Beyond that, we're allowed to have opinions, just like you. Yep. @biocyberman - I'm simply relaying what EN has said publicly. I find it odd that you object to that. (Edited to fixed the second broken link)
  2. @BurgersNFries You do not work for Evernote, then no one should trust what you say about Evernote's decisions and plans. You may have heard of them, but I for one consider they are not official. And so unless you want to deliberately annoy people (i.e. who are asking for Linux client version of Evernote), you should STOP telling about Evernote's plans and business decisions. There are tons of software that only have Windows, Macintosh version or even Linux versions, but why do I not disappoint about them ? Because I get one or more of following reasons: We don't see large market for platform XYZ (hopefully they say this after doing some sort of market research) We haven't received many requests to support for platform XZY (hopefully they have some way to collect customers/users feedback) We don't have enough resources/expertise at the moment to work for platform XYZ (hopefully they seriously have considered the matter and see what the requirements are) Development for platform XYZ needs to wait for other components (i.e. dependency libraries) to reach stable stage. There are very strong competitors waiting for us at platform XYZ and we don't think it is wise/profitable to invest into that platform (this sounds like both coward and safe at the same time). There are high risks of legal, copyrights problems and resource/property loss that we don't see it is suitable for us to work for platform XYZ. (This would never be told) We are earning well with current directions, jumping to another less experienced territory would stretch our resources as well as income. However, why do I feel annoyed and disappointed about Evernote? It is because: It is more about what you wrote about Evernote's decisions in this thread that ignited my frustration. You find the de ja vu yourself more than others because your responses are rigid, non-informative and repetitive about "Evernote's fixed business plans and decisions". Evernote is not like specialized-purpose software, it is playing more and more integral part in daily life of many people. I use it to take notes and more importantly to sync across multiple devices. If Evernote started out as an none-crossplatform solution, I would not complain but I would not use it as I do today. In turn, Evernote would not be that popular. The problem is that I also use Linux along with Windows and Mac OS. I will be very happy if I can be free of Windows, but that is not practical. There are still many useful Windows applications that I still use, asking these Windows software to be ported to Linux is not feasible. However I still see Evernote is another story on its own. I respect Evernote's plans and decisions. These plans and decisions may be right or wrong. In my opinion, ignoring a significant platform like Linux is not a right decision. Do not equalize Linux as Palm TX to justify multiplatform vs all-platform argument.
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