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  1. There are still problems about two accounts. Basically, I need to maintain same structure. e.g. I have private/public notes for all categories, "work", "life", ... Furthermore, I need to pre-determine where a notes go. A note can be initially public. After putting in more and more things, I may no longer want it to pop up in front of other people. It would be easier with a switch (or tag like things), than moving from account to account.
  2. thanks for alternatives from @JMichael @jefito . For the tag way proposed by @JMichael , I find it too verbose to tag every public note. Either of the two new features could make this better, and a practical scheme: * Allow exclude tags in search. In this way, we only need to tag private notes. Supposingly, there are fewer number of private notes. * Allow tag a whole notebook, not single note. @jefito 's method works great using current available tools. I'll basically maintain a public and a private account.
  3. It would be better if we can have different modes for searches. For example, I can have public/private mode. I configure some notebooks as private. When I present things to my friends in front of the screen, the search is in public mode. So I do not have to worry about showing up some embarrassing notes. When I'm alone and want to find private things, I key in a password and switch the mode. Not sure whether this is doable in alternative ways or whether this is a repeating feature request. Please comment. Thanks.
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