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  1. For me, the answer is generally that I don't make output from my notes particularly often. I think the beauty of what i'm proposing is precisely that you would then be able to create an output for your notes in a helpful sequence - say, in a manner similar to powerpoint presentations, which allow slides to be re-ordered. That way, for example, you could create a notebook called - by way of an example - "best man speech" or "sales presentation notes" or "story outline" and your ever notes would export or print out in a helpful sequence. That way, you could use the cross-platform note-creation capability of evernote to create lists of notes that can serve as outlines to a speech, a presentation, a story or any project.
  2. I think all these applications are about ordering projects - whether shopping lists or workflow - so it's quite natural they will evolve to include better file management. Embedded files and manual ordering are pretty basic. The improvements i've suggested, which the tech team seems to have taken on board - might even make the job of "evangelizing" or hectoring suggestions easier!
  3. For me, the answer is generally that I don't make output from my notes particularly often. I don't think that's the issue here. The issue is about planning a project using a user-defined sequence of notes. It should be straightforward for evernote to to allow manual sorting of notes and also notebooks embedded in notebooks. That would allow for notes to be used as project milestones or chapters, as index cards, etc. Instead, Evernote peddles accessories no one needs.
  4. One great leap for Evernote would be to enable the user to sort cards in any order he/she wants, the way Scrivner and Index Card do. That would enable me to start a notebook and create notes and shuffle them around in order to plot out a project or story board, etc. This would infinitely increase the productivity of Evernote. Does anyone agree?
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